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    Geordie Poems with wav audio recitals

    Welcome from Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead North East of England about 80 km from the Scottish borders. Originally created as a personal site this is now the main home site of this poets life times collection poems and poetry.

    The local people here have inspired me as a poet over the years to write many countless poems across all three sites. This location contains poems about our local City People and its History and others about regional landmarks such as the Angel of the North Gateshead Millennium Bridge or the Roman Wall.

    The other two sites contain poems about families, friendship love and romance as well as holiday and special occasion poems. I have set these out to be sent from our URL's as what the Internet folk relay as Ecards (online greeting cards)

    I work as a performance poet today reciting poetry live and full time while writing poetry for all three web sites many verses are direct from the heart, painting images with words using reader's minds as the canvass. Metaphors reaching into hearts and minds of all global readers can be found, tissues may be a requirement for some of our poetry.

    The heart sweat blood tears spirit and soul of many lives of all the folk I've met and helped on and off line alike lies within the poems. I have had numerous poems published in several anthologies and many formerly composed for local charities here in this city to raise needed income. I sincerely hope you will enjoy your visit.

    There are many numerous photographs that can also be sent as Greeting Cards entertainment tricks games and Fun for Families, old fashioned regional recipes wav's puzzles quizzes web page graphics and sets as well as links to endless other similar family web sites.

    As mentioned there are endless categories of poems and greetings about Family Friendship Holiday Special Occasion, Love and Romance Inspirational Christian and Religious as well as Funny Hilarious and Humorous. I have also included poems and greeting cards for our Irish and American friend's special occasions, all our pages have "no annoying pop ups" and will look their best in 1024x768 or 800x600 screen resolution

    The sites have welcomed endless millions of visitors over the years, there are nearly 7,000 + Ecards Greeting cards online 4,200 of these with poems shared on our sites all for your entertainment, enjoyment and pleasure. There is only one very strict rule in viewing our web sites and poems that is all written ой registered copyright material, is NOT public domain, and is strictly not for copy paste use or display publication on any other Internet site, if you would like a poem creating for your own personal use ask me.

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