Lucrative business ideas for Northumberland Tyne and Wear

Having been to Blackpool and seen the way they operate their very efficient tram system (which is itself a tourist attraction) it makes me think just how much on the same lines of thought could also be done for Tyne and Wear and Northumberland over all in general.

We already have a metro train system that could be used or easily incorporated Whitley Bay has lost out greatly since the Spanish city amusements closed yet this was once a very popular yearly resort for endless Scottish folk every year never once failing.

Within Tyne and Wear could easily run a tram similar to Blackpool right along the endless miles of coast line, or even a similar slow paced system. Say from Sunderland right through to Sea Houses Alnwick or Bamburgh and even perhaps beyond.

There are endless countless truly beautiful miles of beach and coast in between that could stand Tyne and Wear as also Northumberland councils in over all very good prospect financially year after year never once failing. And I am quite sure countless other businesses would add to this over time making us again one of the most sort after holiday resorts in Europe.

The jobs and prosperity this would create the local regions overall is simply vast.

Whitley Bay and many other locations could again be the tourist attractions that would bring in countless crowds of added tourists.

Newcastle already has shopping itís history and much more, Gateshead has the Metro Centre the Angel and much more again these could all easily be linked in to make Tyne and Wear truly stand out in the global crowd as much as Blackpool does itself.

If I was a multi Billionaire I would certainly be looking to seek these local Councils cooperation to pursue such a venture.

If only someone in real power would or could take this idea up?

Saving the world and Environment

There is so much that many people globally could do to save the world and fight global warming while also making themselves indeed very rich.

Surely every country has heard of what we call a scrap man, someone who collects or buys scrap metal for recycling. In the UK these folk used to come around local estates on horse and cart or wagons collecting peoples scrap metal.

In the same way if glass tin cans say even cardboard and paper scrap merchants were established by countless individuals country to country city to city and several or any individuals took time to work and build up a customer area of their own then they could collect these precious waste material from peoples homes regularly. And in time I could see this making a very lucrative business for endless individual folk globally.

Surely this would encourage folk to save and recycle more and more across the globe, itís simple small things like this that Governments should be seen to actively encourage. And the endless jobs they could all create from nation to nation that such schemes would make would indeed boost the global markets.

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