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They have got to be really good and offer a free use of their service to get on here Any ratings are for that of a programs individual audio quality. All Images are linked to the Appropriate Web Sites. Due to major change and lack of appropriate funds. Many Internet voice chat companies closed. Firetalk - Mplayer - PowWow - are now all gone.

The problem lies with the increased bandwidth cost the internet companies are themselves charged. Most chat companies today will request you pay a small monthly cost to cover the extra expense that they occur. Bascially the internet is becoming a money grabber,
You pay for a connection to it, then pay for everything you need to use it.

Microsoft Messenger
Incorporated as part of windows operating system, many alternate versions available.

[Yahoo! Chat]

Yahoo Chat

One of the best free voice text video chat programs. You need to make a yahoo id then log on. Great audio, multiple chat rooms to choose from, or one to one chat
Excellent (*VOICE RATED 10 out of 10*)

Google Talk


They say talk is cheap. Google thinks it should be free. Google Talk enables you to call or send instant messages to your friends for free–anytime, anywhere in the world.
(* Not Rated or tried as yet*)

PalTalk Home Page


Excellent. Is Voice Text & Video Chat. Has many lobbies and various rooms. Voice emails and lots more. Although you can download install and use this one free. There are many advertisment pop ups and banners as a downfall. Use of Video will mean you have to pay a subscrition fee for the program
(* Voice RATED 10 out of 10*)

CDC32 Home Page


CDC32 allows you to send and receive audio, text, and color video using the Internet. You can send and receive in real time,or you can send Zap Messages (quick messages, or instant messages) using cdc32.

You can record video and audio with your message and send it someone even though they are not currently online. They will be notified that they have a new message when they are online. Rated very good.
(*VOICE RATED 8 out of 10*)

ICUII Home Page


Video Conferencing. Also allows you to send and receive audio, text, and color video using the Internet. Can't be purchased in the UK other than online. Costs about £20 one off payment, other than future update costs.

Rated Quite Good value for it's price.
(*VOICE RATED 7 out of 10*)

Speak Freely

Speak Freely Home Page

Speak Freely

Allows hands free voice chat, works well with ICQ.

Speak Freely allows you, to send and receive audio, in real time, over a computer. You can converse with anybody else similarly connected anywhere on Earth without paying long-distance phone charges. Ideal for family one to one chat.

ZoneLabs Home Page

Before you chat. Download and install a Firewall.
Zone Alarm ZoneAlarm provides essential security for any computer connected to the Internet. ZoneAlarm protects you from malicious programs, like Spyware and Trojan horses, by allowing you to control your computer's Internet traffic and how applications access the Internet.
ZoneAlarm's Dynamic Firewall can block attempts to connect to your computer from the Internet. High Security Level makes your computer invisible from the Internet so you won't be a target for hackers and intruders. A MUST HAVE for all.

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