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Sumit Kaul in India at 8:37:12 Thursday August 24 2000
You have got a really nice website... The loading speed is really good and the graphics are really nice... I appreciate your work.. Reg/Sumit

Margaret Thompson in Wisconsin USA at 23:40:32 Thursday August 17 2000
Hi You still have the greatest site I have found. I come back time and time again and have passed your address on to all my friends and family.

King Graham II in Exeter - Devon at 15:59:37 Sunday August 6 2000
Terrific piece of northern webbery. Well done. It's a great place.

Treacle64 in London UK at 6:20:26 Wednesday July 26 2000
Top site Chris..and Yorkshire puds :)

Frank in Carterville,IL USA at 23:22:39 Sunday July 16 2000
What a great site . I have been pen-pals with someone from the area for 20 years and it was wonderful to hear about the area .

Medix in Northern NY U.S.A. at 14:45:26 Tuesday July 11 2000
Hey there, Great Site, enjoyed my visit very much, Lots of great stuff here. I left UK Many, Many years ago. Originally from St Albans, Herts. Take Care, Be Safe Out There.

Tom Jefferson in Sunderland at 5:6:57 Saturday June 24 2000
Cheers for the link to Feesch Chris it's excellent that lad. Getting new friends on icq non stop now. Might just score yet fingers crossed for me lad. Gan Canny

Anna in Australia at 4:2:49 Wednesday June 21 2000
Ex-pat here, what an amazing selection on here, many thanks for all the hours of enjoyment this site gave us.

Tim in London at 19:55:42 Sunday June 18 2000
Thank you for the nice Fathers day Cards on your site(s). Just to say they were really appreciated by some internet users. Many Thanks.

Barbara in Dinnington, Nr Sheffield at 2:37:25 Thursday June 15 2000
What a lovely site. I have sent some greetings tonight. Thank goodness I have found such a site in the UK. The US sites are just not my 'cuo of tea' My son married a Geordie lass and they now live in Prudhoe.Keep up the good work. Yorkshire folk and geordie folk are very similar !!!

shirley ilderton in Canada at 2:26:53 Thursday June 15 2000
I married a geordie from north shields. We lived in wallsend for 8 years before coming to canada

Bob and Elisabeth Smith in Clifton, Bedfordshire at 19:37:31 Wednesday June 14 2000
Wow, makes me quite homesick. Despite being away for so many years we still refer to Geordieland as Home. This is despite the fact that my mother-in-law still lives there!

Billy Davies in Hebburn at 0:49:22 Wednesday June 14 2000
a very canny set of pages, showing the world that "GeordieLand" is still the best, Keep up the good work

Thomas Green in Ireland at 17:13:4 Monday June 12 2000
You should have that internet/computer tutor part more up front on here. Ok so it's basic, but it is very handy and very good too. The IRC abbreviations were very informative. Many thanks and best wishes to you and your family.

Davis in USA at 19:5:40 Wednesday June 7 2000
Just to say thanks for putting that basic tutor on. I needed some help with batch files and found the help I needed right here. Thanks again. I also got the zone alarm internet security prog you suggest on here, it's solid. Thank you.

Francine in Bayville, Long Island, New York at 23:25:24 Friday May 12 2000
Hi, just wanted to thank you for your beautiful award. It now has a permanent home on my Poetry-Emotion pages.. It really is beautiful. Your site is wonderful. Thanks Again. All the best to you. Francine

Alan Wardle in fareham-Hampshire at 14:56:36 Thursday May 4 2000
You sound like a kindred spirit. Your children will laugh when they hear this. I love star trek. I'm not fanatical about football!!! I make a complete idiot of myself sometime by telling everyone my feelings. Do you ever do that. I'm trying to put a Wardle family tree together so if you have any info I would be grateful.There are many Wardles throughout the world. I have a cousin in Australia with 7 children. I personally stopped at two, one of each. Your page has great emotive qualities. If were not related I'll be very disappointed!!! E-mail me. Strange that you mention that Geordies are neither English nor Scottish. I've always felt different to people around me. My children have few friends-quality is better than quantity. Maybe this is a Geordie trait I'd be interested to hear your views. "This chaps comments are rather long" he's thinking. p.s I like newcastle brown but not too often my heavy drinking days are way past. Send me an e-mail i'd love to hear from you.

paul black in birmingham at 22:43:16 Sunday April 30 2000
thought your site was great !!

Nic at 22:42:47 Thursday April 27 2000
Linda and I were admiring your work

Jacki in CORNWALL at 10:34:29 Thursday April 27 2000
wow this the best site i have seen

Don & Nancy in Miami Beach at 2:57:49 Tuesday April 25 2000
Wonderful experience here, came in from the UK top sites. You have held that number 1 spot for a while there. Never the wonder. There is so much to see and do here. Love the flower photographs, you can almost smell the fragrance. The greetings, well what else is there to say we will be back for more..

Jim Cherry in Amarillo, Texas USA at 6:53:23 Wednesday April 19 2000
Very nice site, Newcastle looks a nice place. Nothing historical like that over here.

Myrna in Indian territory (oklahoma in the USA) at 21:11:57 Saturday April 15 2000
in Oklahoma (Indian country) USA at 20:59:9 Saturday April 15 2000
Back again! Sorry, forgot to tell you that Vin (Geordie Lad) ICQ #53548390 gave me this wonderful site and I'm glad he did. Much here to see and do. Keep up the good work. I feel I've been on holiday viewing your site!!!! Keep up the good work Chris!

Myrna in Oklahoma, USA at 20:53:39 Saturday April 15 2000
Very imformative; I like it your site. Thanks for a look at your part of the world.

Vinny in Jarrow at 13:37:32 Thursday April 13 2000
I like it bob you have done a good job a lot of work gone on here. It will probably take a few hours to get round this site so I'll have to keep coming back I've copied a few of your pics of Newcastle though. Gan Canny lad.

Lee Moore in Indiana, USA at 15:18:4 Thursday April 6 2000
I just found your web page and am very excited about it. Thanks

conrad Bladey at 13:38:28 Wednesday April 5 2000
Stop by and enjoy the Geordie songbook!

Dave in Sydney, Australia at 9:41:16 Friday March 24 2000
Hi I'm an ex-Prudhoe lad and if I feel homesick or I want to reminisce, yours is the perfect place to visit. Thanks for being there.

Don & Marie in China at 5:11:39 Friday March 17 2000
This kind of web page building is indeed as quoted from one of your sister sites guest books. A very artisitic thing to do. Maybe some one should think of web sites as a form of artwork. Keep this good work up there. Fantastic effort has gone in here.

Roger Thornton in New Jersey USA at 16:59:20 Thursday March 16 2000
Great site. Great to see pictures of the homeland as I don't get back that often. Cheers Marra.

Mary in N.C.-USA at 2:48:7 Tuesday March 14 2000
This is a wonderful site. Thank you for sharing so much with us.

TERRY HARDING in LEMONT, ILLINOIS. U.S.A. at 1:57:4 Saturday March 11 2000

TERRY HARDING in LEMONT, ILLINOIS. U.S.A. at 1:51:49 Saturday March 11 2000

Michelle Steffen in Wisconsin at 2:47:44 Friday March 10 2000
Found your site through the Mothers and sons Webring, the graphics are beautiful!

Sally in London at 21:43:5 Wednesday March 8 2000
Loved your website, there were so many interesting features. I especially liked the spinning cube of internet friends and the tour around Newcastle.

Matthew Howe in George Town, Tasmania at 3:7:39 Friday March 3 2000
Wot Cheer Geordies, aam a along way from hyam, and this web page was passed on to me, just dropped in to say wot cheer. Matt. in Across the Pond at 15:7:27 Thursday March 2 2000
Just lovely :)

Ruth Hempsey in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada at 2:33:21 Wednesday March 1 2000
What a great site! I'm going to have a smashing time browsing here. Thanks for the link. I've added it to my 'favourites' box for continuing fun :-) I love a 'visit' hyem in cyberspace, since I'm not there in person.

Tony Andrews in Australia at 1:41:56 Wednesday March 1 2000
Thank you - thank you.. I searched the internet for a page full of irc abbreviations and found your page. Excellent, now I can talk on irc one to one and know what others are saying to me.. Wonderful.

Sue Pearce in Indonesia at 2:57:48 Tuesday February 29 2000
Moved out here a while back from the UK. A friend sent me one of your wonderful greetings. When looking it up, I also found the link to your site here. What a wonderful site, I originate from Hexam, and recognized a couple of the photographs you took of there. Made me feel good to know some people at home in the UK there are still looking out for us all overseas here. The greetings were amazing, in fact almost excellent. The java applets were neat too, the entertainment is really cool, loved the card tricks and the illusions too. Where oh where are your awards for this. I realise you will not ask or apply for them from what you say on your poetry site awards. But dear me, this is brilliant work from you here. The best wishes to you and your family for the new Year and Century 2000 too. Love and regards from Sue.

Russ in Newcastle at 20:42:54 Friday February 25 2000
Excellent content on this site wish. I had the knowledge to do one half as good!

peter in geordieland at 4:50:23 Tuesday February 15 2000
bob your site is nothing short of brillance, well done!! keep it up

Joan Morgan in UK at 20:40:0 Sunday February 13 2000
Hello, Chris & Judith! You are to be commended on your excellent website. I have placed a link on my "Celebrate England!" website: You and all your visitors are invited to visit my website above and please let me know you did by signing my guestbook on my homepage. Thank you. Cheers! Joan Morgan

Tim Bennett at 8:37:37 Wednesday February 2 2000
Wow - Very impressive site. I came from Consett Co.Durham in early 80's and it's great to see Newcastle. It's nice to know where to come to revisit my roots.. A lot of effort can be seen in your site ..Great Stuff.. Now if United can do as well as your Website looks .."HAWAY THE LADS"...Got to get to sleep now Thank You

Ermal Sinani in ALBANIA at 16:34:3 Monday January 31 2000
Very nice this site. You have do a very big site indeed a lot of work has gone on here!

Steve in North Shields at 2:58:45 Monday January 24 2000
Once again nice contribution to the North. Check out my site site at:

steve in North Shields at 2:56:49 Monday January 24 2000
Very nice pages indeed!

Peter Kleine in Groningen, The Netherlands at 19:52:37 Tuesday January 18 2000
Hello. I am a Dutch amateur photographer, who likes to shoot landscape and bird photos. I really ejoyed my stay at your site. The photos about the swan are GREAT. Please take a minute to visit my site, and to enjoy the photographic journey through the Lowlands. Keep up the good work, Peter Kleine

cheri at 1:36:9 Tuesday January 18 2000
Really neat!!!! I spent around 10 minutes trying the card tricks and they were right everytime. Glad to see some good entertainment!!

Dorothy in Washinton State at 18:53:10 Monday January 10 2000
I really enjoyed my visit!!!!I could spend the day viewing your cool site.

Liz O'Dell in West By-God Virginia! at 5:28:38 Monday January 10 2000
Wow Chris, you've really changed your site up alot! I like it, those pictures of the flowers are beautiful, did they come from your garden? And your opening applet is awesome! Gonna have to tell me how you did that one! Didn't you used to have some drawings? Either I just missed them, or you don't have them online anymore? Well, you're doing a wonderful job, glad I stopped by and seen your new look! Thanks for stopping by my place and signing my book too. :) Liz from Just 'Cause I Care homesite!

Chantal in France, near ROUEN at 22:30:45 Monday January 3 100
Thank's so much for all the photographs of Newcastle. My Grand-Parents lived in Whickham, and unfortunately it's been ages since I went up North, it was sheer bliss to have a look at your pictures!

Debbie in Arkansas USA at 14:50:47 Friday December 31 99
I wanted to stop in to wish you a very Happy New Year and also to thank you for the award you sent me. I'm slow sometimes, but I'm going to be putting it up today. :) I can not believe your site here, I thought you said it was just basic Chris. It's amazing. Best Wishes for a Great Millenium.

Judy in California at 17:38:32 Monday December 27 99
Loved your photos, especially the flowers that are so real that one could practically touch their petals, and smell their individual aromas. I also love photography; especially mirror images, windows, doors, and flowers. Have a great collection of photography of which I started about ten years ago. I use a Pentax camera, but my expertise are seeing the shot before taking it, at least that is my belief. Writing from California where I live with my husband Tomi. We have travelled through England about six or seven times, one of our favorite places to visit. So many images to capture, not enough time to get it all. Judy

Ian in Aldershot at 17:7:3 Monday December 27 99
well, thought I must come and have a look round, took me a while, addictive site there.

janice in fla at 5:10:8 Friday December 24 99
You have so much on your site it is going to take a while to see all of it. I love surfing onto a site like keeps me busy for hours! great work. grnmaw

milan in Florida at 16:21:11 Wednesday December 22 99
Very nice home page. I like visiting the Newcastle, as I spent some time there in the 50s In fact I was married in Newcastle in 51. My wife past on about 4 years ago. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. All the best Milan Florida

wildrose in northcarolina... at 2:59:50 Monday December 20 99
This is a very good site indeed. You hould get some awards for this from your ISP. Like your happy lookstoo, you stay that way...

verhaar willem in Belgium at 14:19:33 Sunday December 19 99
you have a very nice site ! we are a dutch koppel living in belgium we are looking for our friends last seen in new castle exeter road.we know they moved to an outskirt of n.c. his name is paul arnold and his partner's name is alie as far as we know they are teachers,have no children and like bikes plaese help to find them. love, willem and marijke verhaar.

debbie at 3:48:37 Sunday December 19 99
hey Chris Cool site luv it lots and you have yourself a happy new year and a merry xmas

Andy Rogers at 3:2:54 Saturday December 18 99
E-mail me some time and we can talk about the wallpapers etc. that you have made and used on the greetings pages as I think that they are simply amazing!!!!!!!!!

Geordiemiss in Boston USA at 0:0:5 Saturday December 18 99
hi guys, love your web page have been on for 1 hr now and still not checked it all out. i live in usa now outside boston but born in tynemouth lived in whitley bay for many years, jesmond for a year and worked in casino royale for 5 yrs. have been in usa now 14 yrs. love it but miss newcastle so it was nice to find your site brought back many memories, the hoppins eldon square used to go there every thursday with me mam. time for bed now, thanks for great memories, keep up the good work, geordiemiss.....

Nora at 2:58:41 Friday December 17 99
I love all the graphics on your page and have emailed them to a lifelong friend and poet friend of mine...Francine.... she will love some of these all the poetry on site...marvelous and touching and graphics breathtaking... you deserve some more awards ...I was moved by your poetry of the heart as much as I am sure, millions are... Best Regards and Wishes .....Nora

Michael Beatty at 1:53:5 Friday December 17 99
I write Christian Poetry also, and am working on a book called Through The Bible in Poetry. The concept behind it is to create a poem for each book of the bible. I have included a few samples on the poetry links of my much in need of updating web site. I'm a retail store manager that does not get nearly enough time to work on writing and web site updating.

Jon Thackry at 0:49:54 Thursday December 16 99
I have just stumbled onto your web site,it brings back happy memories, both my parents came from Byker. I visited newcastle last year, and the picture of the Roman wall in particular as I think it is possibly near my cousins place in Westerhope.

CC Lee in Malaysia at 2:47:39 Thursday December 16 99
Thanks for your web page I was graduated from U. Sunderland, and I've been to Newcastle many time your page bring back a lot of sweet memory for me thanks. Regards. CC LEE(An engineer from Malaysia)

Joe Slater in North East UK at 2:43:40 Wednesday December 15 99
Just to Say well done. Really enjoyed the Joke files. The Wave Files. The greetings are cool. Nice applets effect there. Keep it up young man.. The Page Graphics are very impressive too..

1blu at 7:47:21 Tuesday December 14 99
Hi Chris, what a vast site. Entertaining and informative.

maya at 0:55:27 Monday December 13 99
Blessings on you and your family.. Trust God with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding.. in all your ways acknowledge him and he will direct your paths! :)

Nic at 0:48:47 Suday December 12 99
I was here and enjoyed every minute of it. All this work here deserves an award or two from your ISP surely Chris!

Chris & JudithNorth East UK at 0:30:26 Sunday December 12 99
Just to say hello and welcome to all. We hope you enjoy your visit and find something of fun interest or use.. Best Regards & Wishes to all.
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