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It's a constant yearly struggle to keep the web sites making enough to live from, most times barely just enough. The Internet is extremely quiet on weekends clearly proving many people use works computers for their email etc. Also from the End of July right through to October the Internet is extremely quiet every year never failing. I am always looking for sponsors (not pay per clicks) and have endless folk making regular requests that could potentially take me places as a poet.
Many times over the years quite a number of large stores companies email me asking if I can supply them with several hundred thousands of numerous assorted of our greeting cards. Being unable to do this I often send the email content off to a Greeting cards company or two asking if they would consider striking up a financial deal with me.

I know these emails never get read and the folk supposed to be reading and answering those emails would be sacked if their bosses (the card company publishers) ever got to see what was being ignored. It's not like these are order for one or two cards or a few hundred but several hundreds of thousands?

It's the same with visitors asking where they can buy books of the poems, there are countless published in numerous anthologies but none in a single book collectively containing my own works other than those used by registered charitable organisations to generate income for themselves. Once again the publishers seem to neglect the potential on offer? I will likely end up like an artist and only become a name that's perhaps known, sadly after my death.

Then again, the only real way to get published as a poet today, is to perform live recitals, the more recitals you perform before audiences if you recieve audience popularity in response (keep getting asked back) the more chance of recognition and certainty of your being published? Look up performance poets in any search engine to learn more about this.
Currently I am seeking any new publishers, not those who want me to pay them, we poets are well educated in publishing issues thank you. I can supply sound backing as to the potential evident from endless visitor requests and comments across our three sites.

Any publisher asking a poet to up front and part with their cash is not interested in the poet or their work, just their cash. As with poetry competitions, asking you pay for entry nearly all are a scam. You yourself could organise and run these honestly and make profit. Beware as many free competitions will also abuse your talents and work then try and sell you books and prizes simply not worth having. This web site first originated way back in 1986 and eventually into the late 90s it just seemed to grow year by year. So far it's moved home location six times in all to date, and had to split into three different sites in all, as ISP's and technology improved.
Jude works as a support worker in the community, looking after those with disabilities. She tells me I don't love her. Just typical of a geordie female to tell her man his own feelings! Read my poems people send her an email if you like in agreement or disagreement. They are not just simple words on paper either, as she says. She tells me she prefers action to words? Hmmm.... Just like a woman yes? Hey, our countless nephews and nieces love these and can't get enough of the poems out of me..
Here in England we really do love to use the Internet, however up until late into the 1990s the rest of the world used to assume that the British were afraid of it, but that was because we rarely appeared to be seen online, due to very high costs, originally we used to pay for both a monthly ISP (rental - access) cost as well telephone costs on top, and it worked out quite expensive to use.

This was changed though in late 1998 only due to people like myself constantly campaigning for improvement. Late 1998 two ISP's made the break followed by others. As of April 1999 the UK did get both free ISP and free telephone call cost too, but only briefly. Not all ISP's offered this service though. Today things have changed again and most ISP's now make charges for broadband or dialup access alone. You should not really need to pay for the actual telephone call when using the Internet, just a one off monthly fee.

Considering this site also has quite a good few samples of Poems, let me tell you, I've used computers for 26 years in all, and I do believe that they really are the tool of today for all potential writers, artists and designers. They can also save users a small fortune on long distance telephone costs via broadband telephones or modem microphone and the Internet.

As mentioned, I became associated with computers many years back, through working in the Voluntary Sector, today this is but another of my many varied hobbies. Although if you are a poet, print everything you write, as they say there may be no power of any source in global times yet to come, and reading material in book form will once again likely be well sought after with no televisions or radio?

I do hope sincerely that most people may find these web pages have something to offer, some of the verses on the on the greeting cards part of the site are very touching and even sad in content, and written directly from life experience. Or from empathy and my witnessing (hearing seeing sharing being a part of) other peoples life experiences. Some of it also quite humorous. I decided to move the Humour to a location of it's own as it became more and more popular.

I first started out writing rhyme and verse, before later turning to write Prose.

More recently, I'm being asked to write reflections on Geordie life mostly humorous thoughts that make many local folk laugh. I get many requests for live performances, reciting the Geordie Poems, yes I do this also (locally). It was as an effort to fool one of my many Nephews that I wrote my first children's poem, which was in the form of a short story. That first poem or verse is how I took to writing full time. If you have any younger children that like a good short story then look out for those children's pages. I again made a special little part of the quickegreets site just for children and added a good few small free to play online games linked in too linked as follows for easy reference.

Using web cams over the years I have often shown folk the world over a few simple close up magic tricks, and many times indeed read some one's fortune for them (Horoscope) It's a gift I have from being supposedly born mystical? The reference is something about the seventh child of a seventh child. I was a male born to a male both 7th in line but, am not 7th son of a 7th son though which is apparently indeed, truly mystical. Read this page and share some of my Life Long wierd and paranormal experiences covering indeed a range of topics and including whay we have both seen or heard of ghosts our life along to date.

There are also a few wicked trick Joke executable files to be found on the humourous site that you might want to try out on family or friends, you will see why I am often nicknamed Scallywag from their content. If you like wave sound files then there is a good selection of those on this site too (about 100). All the photographs on here, including the photographic tour of the North East, were taken by myself, apart from the odd graphic in the tour added here and there. I started of with a Kodac Camera that used floppy disks, then went on to a Konica and now as of 2008 use a Canon A650IS, you will notice the differences in the images shown. Many of the new photographss we can send via email by request sized 1600x1200 .jpg format great for windows desktop use, however on the site all are shown smaller in 480x360 format

One of the First Real Computers ever out. Yes one that I actually owned. Now many of you reading this would simply be lost with using this one here no hard drives then and no operating system other than from a floppy disk?

XT with just 640k base memory
1024k total memory (quite a lot back then)
Hercules Amber Mono Monitor
2 x 360k 5.25 floppy drives and 1 x 3.5
1.44mb floppy drive
There was no such thing as a hard drive or CD Rom Drive in those days A 1.44 floppy was big (believe me).
In it's day this was a state of the art computer.
Permissions and legal

As a long time poet my heart sweat blood tears spirit and soul as with lives of many I have met helped and touched lies within these poems. All poems are fully registered and copyright to three established UK registered charities strictly not for copy or reuse on other web sites. All greeting cards ecards poems are "free to send" FROM OUR OWN URL's only at our web site right here. Linking to web pages is fine and welcomed but direct linking to all content from other web sites is disabled

Permission for personal use copy reproduction publication the placing of the poems on any other web, site memorial site or use by craft home card makers is strictly "not" granted under any circumstances, for any other use please clearly define specify and ask. (You should read the copyright warning before ignoring this). All vistor IP's are logged with our and their own ISP's servers. Every thing placed on any web page, any web site, is quickly shown in nearly all search engines. Any individual or company found using our poems for personal financial gain or profit will face legal prosecution and as with new copyright laws of 2006 2007 imprisonment

Hot linking to graphics is disabled for all of our sites. It's a recognised global criminal offence to do this to other web sites. Sadly many new Internet users don't realise this to their own financial loss, Web sites today have to pay for band width, this is the amount of data transferred from their server location, (all graphics text data midi wavs etc) so you should be extremely careful about hot linking any graphics to your site from any other web sites. It's much alike stealing petrol from someone's car, clearly recognised and accepted as out right theft?

Our Photos and all Graphic sets are not for any form of business or commercial use, other than if clearly authorised by ourselves in person, please email us if unsure, we may give consideration in your case.

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