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This very basic tutor is a just a few pages constantly updated, over 15 years, at the same pace that I learned about PC's (through use only). Prior to this, a DOS (Disk Operating System) floppy disk version was available on the freeware market. Many people still today use this. It is only through their requests, that I have finally gave in placed this HTML version onto the Internet.

Having an opportunity to assist many people during their first months of use of a PC, the one important thing missing from any new PC is someone who can answer the questions and provide the many varied answers and tips. Thes sole and only reason of this tutor is simply so that many of you may have a good chance of NOT running into major problems when using your PC.

I hope it is written in such a fashion, that just about any person new to PC's, could follow or understand. There is NO real technical Jargon at all (maybe apart from the bus and bios page - and then again even that is quite simple to follow).

Part of this tutor covers the basic use of Dos Windows 3.1 & 3.11 (Not that these appear to have much use today). There are separate parts which cover Windows 95/98. This is because, Windows is not as complicated to work with as Dos. Windows practically looks after itself through the click of a mouse on an icon, where as Dos contains and requires much use of the keyboard, to instruct and type out the various related commands.

Buying a PC Computer is much like buying a Car, both have one thing in common. Just as you need to learn how to drive a Car you also need to learn how to use the Computer software and operating system, (including drivers, that drive the actual hardware).

However, it is extremely unfair to expect the person or company you purchased your computer from, to then learn you free of charge, how to use it. It is also wrong to expect your own mistakes with software and erased software constantly and freely put right for you. Learning to use a computer is indeed time consuming.

Many similar but superior tutors are also freely available on the Internet. Even on shareware and free ware. I would advise printing and repeated practising the contents of any good tutor. Use the pull down menu (top of this page) then hit the go, to read more on each option.

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