Money Madness
*Do not show this to a Tax Man*

Okay I saw a New Disc for the computer
It cost 20 but I had no cash
So I borrow 5 of you
and 5 of your Mom
also 5 of your Dad
and 5 of your girlfriend or boyfriend or Partner
OK Good I now have my 20 total

I get back to the shop, great it's now only 15
Yes I saved 5 here
I think to save some money here yet again
or maybe make some perhaps

I give you back 1 from the 5 I have left
I give your Mom back 1 from the 4 I am now left
I give your Dad back 1 from the 3 I have left
I give your other half back $1 from the 2 I am left with
Leaving me now left with 1
work it out it's right no catch?

I now only owe each of you 4
4 x 4 = 16 also the 4 x 1 I paid back each of you = 20
And of course the 1 I have left
well thats 21 total now!!!
Don't try working it out!
It works in Theory only, NOT in Practice?


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