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Chance Gambling Games

Gold Spinner Slot Machine
Gemstones Slot Machine
Time Bomb Slot Machine

Tetris Games

Tetris - Classic
Moon Star - Tetris

Trivia and Pub Games

Checkers - (USA Rules)
Dominoes - (USA Rules)

Flight Combat Games

JSFAlcon - Combat Sim
Hostile Skies (Flight Combat)

Misc Games

Battleships and Cruisers
Sub Commander
Battle Pong
Bubble Trouble -(Puzzle)
Gyro Ball
Javanoid - Bat'N'Ball Classic
Magic Balls
Snake New Version of Classic
Java Snake - Classic
Game 15 (Puzzle)
Memory Game - (Puzzle)
Pet Java Goldfish for Fun

Driving Racing Games

Super Bike Motorcycle Racing
Rural Racer

Sports Games

Hoops (Basket Ball)
Base Ball
Boom Boom Volleyball
Beach Tennis
Disk Golf
Carpet Golf 3D
Canyon Glider
Wakeboarding XS
Ski Doo TT (Ski Sled Racing)
J R Ball (Tennis clone)

Combat Games

Samurai Warrior
Three Foot Ninja
Three Foot Ninja Two

Space Invader Games

Alien Abduction
Alien Invasion
Alien Clones
Alien Attack
Space Fighter (Asteroids)
Space Invaders - (Classic)
Mission Mars
Tail Gunner - F15 Fighter

Poet Christopher Robin's electronic greetings
Quick Egreets Ecards Greeting Cards Poems Poetry
or Fun Egreets Funny Ecards Greeting Cards Poems Poetry

Games all require either Java or Shockwave Flash to play. There are many old classics and favourites to be found in here, all are free to play online. Some of the games have pretty good graphics despite their tiny size. Many old classics have been reproduced and graphics updated.

Many more games like these, all free to play as also link to web sites and blogs, are available at miniclips

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Shooting Games

Paint Ball
Trap Shoot
Shooting Galery
War on Terrorism
Bush Shoot Out

Platform Games

Tux on the Run - Platform
Cable Capers Platform
Flashman (Pacman clone)
Doctor Carter
Pharaohs Tomb
Reel Gold
Panic in Chocoland
Marionette II - Classic
King of the Hill

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