Geordie Land
Recited wavs, examples of today′s Geordie′s accent? Yee knaa what ah mean hinny?
Most examples below have more than one variation of the expressed term or phrase
Get that will you, Answer the door, Answer the phone,
take this from me, see to that for me

Well I never shock horror, disbelief,
got a suprise got a fright
bugger "not" expressed as offensive term

A Bottle of of Brown Ale (The Local Brew)

Are you being serious?, is this truth?
is this really how it is

How are you, all right keeping well
(usually said as hello there)

Are you going to make a drink
(Coffee Tea - a hot drink)

Blaydon Races. Geordie Song Verse

Take care usually said in everyday goodbye

Come here

Come on Hurry up

Come on we are going to visit my brother
(or best friend) tonight

Deaf Hard of Hearing

Do you know what you are doing

Do you understand what I am talking about

Don′t talk daft

Do not

Down the town getting drunk (Or night clubbing)

Gel lost, Get out of here, leave me alone

Go on - go on then (do it)

Going out

He′s dead, He died

She is in a right temper

He is going mad
(cracking up under strain, pressure)

When someone is really dense

When someone appears a lunatic
a little mad?

He is well off


He Lives at in the middle of no where

Hold this and do not let go

Hurry up

I am getting in the bath

I am going home

I told you not to be awkward with me

I am going to bed

I Cannot think of anything to say

I do not know what you are talking about

I don′t know what you are doing

Expecting carrying a baby (With Child)

In my opinion it is all right not bad at all

It′s closing time. Usually for the pub

I will Knock your head off in a minute - Fight you

Telling someone to head butt someone?

Is there anything to eat as I am really hungry

It is raining outside very heavy indeed

It serves you right

It′s allright for you sitting there laughing at me

It′s always the same, they are always arguing

Let me get something to eat. I am really Hungry

Mr or Male

My Father

My Mother

Wife, hinny, also used a term of endearment
meaning friend family

It will fall over. If fell over

Fast asleep

Mother telling a badly behaved child, that their Father will see to their misbehaviour

Move it, get out of here, go on leave now

Newcastle United Football Team

No thanks

No thanks not for me

On the toilet

Parent teling child off and grounding them

Pass it across to me

Pass me that

Pass the hammer over here please

Please give me a cigarette.

Running down the road

She is a good looking young lady

I am unemployed

She is angry

Silly Old Man (an insult)

Silly Old Woman (an insult)

Slow down will you

Speed up will you

Take care now

Take care Lady

Take care male friend

Watch what you are doing and Take Care of Yourself

Give Me a Job (also sometimes used in crude terms)

That is a load of rubbish you are talking

Get out of here, get on your bike
Often used in disbelief, amazement

That is old fashioned

That is quite good

This can not really be happening. This is not right (not fair)

The child (My Baby - My Son - My Daughter)

The Local City Centre

The Mrs or wife or girlfriend

There is nothing on the Television

This is my Mother and my Father

This is my Sister

This is our House

Very old Geordie song sung to children at bed times

Wait till he gets home

Wait till I see him

Wait until I see her

Walking, walking too, going here and there

Watch where you are going

Wedding Anniversary (Geordie joke)

Well I don′t know

What is there to eat for my evening Meal

What is in your sandwich

Yes, it′s certainly cold today


Yes (The word man in this sense relates to persons either male or female

Yes I know


The Police

You are not being serious or are you!

Are you are you making fun
(you′re joking, are you being serious)

You are going crazy, You′re cracking up
(going mad insane)

Are you being serious, You cannot be serious

No no you cannot do that?

Hello, what would you like to do with me today
Where are we going

Do you know how to use a computer?

Mutton Dressed as Lamb
Older woman dressed as young?

Impressed when seeing a stunning lady

Would you like to go out on a date with me

Would you like to have sex with me

Man chatting up a young lady

Man telling wife or girlfriend he loves her

She is a Prostitute a Scrubber

I feel frisky and want sex crude (but also taken as a term of endearment)

Man asking Wife for Sex

Bragging about a good night making love?

I have always liked her (Male to a friend about a female)

I like you (male to an attractive female)

What lovely buttocks she has

That lady has a Lovely pair of legs

Geordie Chat up Lines Lad to Lass (wav format)
You must be tired today?

I′ve an invite to a wedding for you?

I′m a Professor, studying birthdays and Age?

You must work for Greggs the Bakers?

You are like an undertaker?

You are like a Mechanic?

You must be a parking Ticket?

If only I had your Eyes?

Legs like that are made for walking?

Can you knit?

I′ve never seen lips like your′s before?

You must be the moon?

You must be the Sun?

Help me I′m choking?

You must be a Nurse?

You must be a Nurse?

Your body is magnetic?

You must be a Nun?

Help me I′ve something in my eye?

Your body is an alarm clock?

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