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Each set has background banners logos animated gifs JPG
or various matching graphics. New sets frequently updated and added

Cute Sweet Loveable Web Graphic sets

Cute Garden Kids on Pink
Suitable Love and marriage, best friends, thank you, you're sweet, with love

Cute Infant Tykes on Beige
Suitable Love and Marriage, Best Friends, with Love, You're sweet, You're special

Cute Kittens on Light Blue
Suitable Happy birthday, thank you, cats are cool, I am sorry, story time, welcome

Cute Mouse Hugging Strawberry on Purple
Suitable hugs, friends, you're sweet, sorry

Cute Babies on Cream
Suitable best friends, friendship, new baby, you're invited, forever friends, babies, toddlers

Cute Teddy with Flowers on Cream
Suitable thank you, get well, friendship, happy birthday, good luck, well done, congratulations

Cute Hugs Light Blue Green (Virtual Hugs)
Suitable hugs, love hugs, cuddles

Deep Pink Teddy Bears
Suitable teddy bears, teddies, story time, hello kids

Childrens Nursery Rhyme Set Blue

Childrens Set Salmon Pink with Cute Kids

All graphic sets are fully encryption encoded with author reference so please do not try to take credit as original author. Strictly not for commercial or business use. Every graphic set is made using Ulead Photo Impact and Paint Shop Pro

*Note Linking to Web Page address URL is okay. *Direct linking to Graphics is disabled on this domain*. If you hot link and assume the graphics look good on your site, you are only seeing the actual copy of the graphics found on your very own hard drive, located in your own web browser cache, no one else will see these on your site, they'll only see a blank box where they could have been? Stealing band width from other web sites is a criminal act recognised Globally

Thank you.

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