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Newcastle upon Tyne and Gateshead also known as Geordie land Poems Poetry from occupational Geordie Poet Christopher Robin, performance poet and resident of Newcastle since 1956 nearly all poems also have individual audio recital. These are about the city of Newcastle upon Tyne which is filled with a life that never dies regardless what ever struggles its people may face. Countless visitors fall in love with our City and the local folk, the poems reflect an insight into the very hearts of the incredibly friendly people living here.

Categories covered tell of the city its famed industry river and history. See our "paranormal write" up for thoughts on ghostly tales from our city

Please note these are all individually registered copyright and not for use on other web sites. Drop us a line, please let us know what you think. The Poet warmly accepts and welcomes invites to local live performance Poetry recitals. Send these using our links to your friends or family freely as Geordie Greeting Cards or Ecards

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  • First Three Geordie Songs

  • Along the river Tyne Serious
  • Coals to Newcastle Serious
  • Geordie Country Serious

  • Geordie Online Serious
  • Stotty Cake Serious
  • Europe's Hottest Serious
  • Geordie Vision Serious
  • Geordie Tribute Serious
  • Geordie Ghosts Serious
  • A City Alive Serious
  • Geordie's Salt of the Earth Serious
  • Geordie Valour Serious
  • Geordie Love Serious
  • Geordie Origin Serious
  • Baltic Flour Mill Art Critics Serious
  • Big Hearted Geordies Serious
  • Geordie Home Serious
  • Gateshead Millennium Bridge Serious
  • God Made Geordies Serious
  • Geordie's are Angels Serious
  • Geordie Prayer Serious
  • The changing face of Geordie Serious
  • Who's a Geordie Serious
  • Bamboo Bridge Serious
  • Bamboo Bridge over River Tyne Serious
  • Popular Millennium Bridge Humorous
  • Gateshead Millennium Bridge Serious
  • Geordies leave Footprints Serious
  • Geordie Footprints Serious
  • River Tyne reflections Serious
  • The busy River Tyne Serious
  • The Hoppings Fun Fair Serious
  • River Tyne boat trip Serious
  • North East England History Serious

  • Tribute Poems

  • Tribute to Consett Steel Workers Serious
  • Tribute to North East Coal Miners Serious
  • Tribute to Tyneside Shipyard workers Serious
  • Geordie Miner Serious
  • Working coal mines Serious

  • Gateshead Angel of the North Poems

  • Hope from the Angel of the North Serious
  • Angel of the North Funny
  • Gateshead Angel of the North Serious
  • The Angel of the North's heart is art Serious
  • Angel of the North Miracle Serious
  • Strength in the Angel of the North Serious
  • Angel of the North Challenge Serious
  • Good Old Days ~ Back in time Poems

  • Remember the sixties Geordie Serious
  • The Good Old Days Serious
  • Old shilling Serious
  • A Geordie memory Half a Crown Serious
  • A Geordie memory Two Bob Serious
  • Family life back in time Serious
  • Inflation (remembering nineteen sixty) Serious

  • Football Poems

  • Geordie Football Ground Serious
  • Geordie Maccum Prayers Funny
  • Sunderland vs Newcastle Funny

  • Life and Death Poems

  • Cancer hits home to Geordie Serious
  • Cancer makes kids grow up fast Serious
  • Death is after you Geordie Serious
  • Geordie growing Old Serious
  • Old Geordie values Serious
  • The making of a Man Serious
  • Geordie Counting Days Serious

  • Ghost Story Poems

  • Ghost Story from Gateshead Newcastle Serious

  • Finances Struggles Poems

  • Geordie finances Serious
  • Wasted Life Serious
  • When Times are Tough Serious

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