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  • Newcastle upon Tyne, is located in the North East of England in the UK, about 80km from the Scottish borders. Here on this site we have brief tours, the world famous Hoppings fun fair, endless photographs, and examples of the Geordie Dialect, with many visitor links. There are also endless other Geordie web sites linked in here too.

    Newcastle upon Tyne as a city truly speaks quite clearly to someone like myself, I certainly do not know all our local history but I do know it has great vast depth and is indeed a very popular attraction with countless global tourists in it's own merit.

    The city and all it has stood for in my own life time clearly speaks to me I hear the buildings and the ghosts of former local folk, long passed on from this world, crying out with inspiration for their stories to be relayed. Many poems I've compiled relay thoughts of ghostly images and true stories that I genuinely never had any former insight or knowledge of. The more I learn the more I see this as a reality that is happening to me week in week out.

    The river today and all its events all have a poem lying within just waiting to be created and relayed there are numerous web sites that give a deep insight to our local city and it's history.

    I hope you enjoy our poems and they may give you an insight to the Geordie folk here

    All photos taken by Chris using Sony Mavica, Konica, and as of 2008 Canon A650IS Digital Cameras.

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