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(Alien) Death will end your filthy desires (Alien) I Must examine your brain
(Alien) I will experiment on your organ (Alien) You are obsessed with sex
(Alien) You filthy pervert (Alien) You will join us or die
(Child) Blah my lips touched dog lips (Cute Child) Ah You said a bad word
(Cute Child) Long Kiss I Love You (Oriental gent playing pool) Beautiful pot
(Oriental gent playing pool) Now I break your balls (Oriental gent playing pool) You don't touch my balls
(Oriental gent playing pool) You have yellow balls (Oriental gent playing pool) You have yellow balls I have red balls
Space Alien) I'm Coming for you (Space Alien) Ouch you really crack me up
(Space Alien) Suck it (Space Alien) Suck My Dribble
10 blown Kisses A chipmunk Ahchoo
Amaze Gasp Away from the keyboard
Birthday Rap Bugs Bunny Mhaha
Burn in eternal hell fire Cute 3 Year old singing
Cute gerbel laugh (rolling on floor laughing) Cyber Police under arrest
Don't call me Babe Female Bye Bye
Female Do not worry Female Hello there
Female Hi Sweety Female how may I be of assistance
Female how may this most Humble servant assist you Female If any Queries arise you can talk to my maker
Female Incoming Contact Female It's been fun working with you
Female No Way Female Oh Yes
Female Orbital insertion complete Female Over and out
Female Adios Female Tell me what you want me to do
Female Welcome Female Yes commander
Female Yes Great One Female You Have a chat request
Female Youre Listening to the Future Female One little prick can ruin your whole day
Female Hello Female Incoming
Female User is online Female Ooh Baby
Female Ooh la la Female Check this out
Female I Love it when you turn me on Female I thought you loved me
Female Watch it Baby Female Yeah Baby
Female Hmmm Yummy Frank Carson (UK Irish Comedian) Laugh
Good Morning Vietnam Ha Ha Ha (Long Scary with echo)
Ha Ha Ha Welcome Here Kitty Kitty Kitty (machine Gun Laughing squirrel)
Hi Im Linda Lusardi Hi sexy
Hoy are you looking at me I can sense your thoughts
I feel sick (retch) I hate this computer
I need you whisper I said I'm looking I'm looking (singing)
I want to break free (Queen) I'll swallow your soul
I'm embarrased I'm blushing I'm having a bad day can any one give me a a hug
Is there anybody out there It's too late to confess now
Kiss (nice sounding long one) Kiss My Butt Will
Let Me Out Like a Virgin touched for the very first time (Maddonna)
Madonna I'll settle for the back of your hand somewhere on my behind Mmmmmm
Nerd alert NoNoNoNo NoNoNo
Porky Pig Son of a Gu Son of a Gun Prepare to meet your maker
Press Any key where us the any key Repent Sinner
Rofl (Lady with a very addictive laugh) Send me a sign (singing)
Sigh Sucker
Toilet flush then scream Trash can noise
Uh Oh Uhhh You spilt my beer (belch)
Wheeee Wibble
Yep Ha Ha Ha You are addicted
You wait right there (slurp) I gotta take a leak You won 8 hours chained to this computer
Your My best friend You're gonna get nutted (head bang) ooh
You are beginning to anger me I'm really getting Angry
Your Party is not answering Getting Angry with Computer
Female Are you still up Baby Laughing (Cute)

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